Consulting in electricity & natural gas procurement:

Consumption profiling

Preparation of tender documents

Negotiations with suppliers

Mediation of supply contracts

Energy audit

Our companies are specialized in the field of energy auditing for the following types of services:

General audits and audit reports about the investment level: electricity, natural gas, HVAC, etc

Solutions for consumption optimization

Assessment of electricity and heat consumption

Recommendations for improving economic efficiency

Cost-benefit analysis for the proposed solutions and assistance provided for funding opportunities

Professional measurements, tests, diagnostics, thermovision, and preventive and corrective maintenance.

Design and sizing of photovoltaic systems

  • As is analysis (consumption, grid connection, available space etc.)
  • Analysis of power consumption curve
  • Analysis of power production curve
  • System sizing
  • Production/ consumption correlation
  • System implementation support
  • System operation support
  • Support for the certification of the quality of prosumer with quantitative/ financial settlement
  • Support for the sale of energy surplus
  • Support for imbalancing management

Public/ private lighting;

As is analysis (consumptions, installed power, lighting level, etc.)

Identification of the appropriate technical solution

Comparative analysis of the new system

Solution testing

System implementation

Operation and maintenance support

Consulting in acquisition of energy & gas:

Consumption profiling

Preparation of tender documents

Negotiations with suppliers

Mediation of supply contracts

Support services for energy efficiency processes:

• Assistance in financing energy efficiency programs

• Analysis, diagnosis and solutions for high consumption compared to the industry benchmark

• Reducing costs of electricity and natural gas

• Financial support for energy efficiency projects

• Reducing the cost of reactive energy

• Cost reduction by installing medium voltage transformers

• Reducing costs of electricity and heat through local cogeneration

• Heat recovery

• Negotiating price and contractual conditions with suppliers

• Sustainability of the price during the contract period

• Energy consumption analysis

Identifying high consumption and solutions to reduce it

The analysis of client’s consumption profile generates significant savings by choosing customized solutions for each client.

Choosing the consumption plan (binomial, monom)

Technical and financial assistance for local on-grid / off-grid production projects of green energy (photovoltaic, wind, cogeneration)

Coordination of energy efficiency

Assistance in purchasing electricity / gas consumers

Planning energy consumption in accordance with specific processes

Project management in the implementation of energy efficiency programs

Management consulting:

  Analysis of business processes within energy distribution, supply and production companies

Solutions for digitizing the activities and internal processes of utility companies

Project management in the implementation of digitization solutions for electrical grids, such as GIS (Geographic Information System) and SMI (Smart Meter Installation)

Consulting in project financing

• Grants: Norwegian grants, EEA grants, European funds

• Lending – assistance in obtaining financing from credit institutions, investment funds, banks or investors

• Investment recovery from savings – identifying investors interested in implementing projects and recovering the investment from savings resulted from implementing energy efficiency solutions